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Hair Wig Treatment For Men & Women In Rawalpindi/ Islamabad

Hair Wig Treatment based on the ivory carving of a women heads found in southwestern France, anthropologist speculate that wig may have been sued since last thousands of years .wig were very famous since last ancient time of Egyptian who used to cut their heads and shaved hair just for the seek of the interest of cleanliness and make themselves comfortable. On the other hand, the poor people used to wear head to protect their hair iron dust ad sun harmful light. Those who could afford the hair wig of sheep and wool could be wearing that type of wig, according to the Egyptian clay who is the maker of the wig particularly the Removable wig simply known as the black wig clay. The British museum having the wig which is the very old in its time approximately the 3000 years old that was found in the temple lsis at Thebes.

Raw Material

By the year 1900 jute fibers were being used as an imitation of hair in theatrical wigs. And mostly be worn by the clowns, hair wigs of synthetic hair are very much popular for several reasons.

They are much cheapest in rupees as compare to the human hair wigs, recent past period the synthetic hair wigs improved significantly with material usage being very good looking and feel more like to the natural; the hair of the human. Synthetic hair wigs noticeably weigh less than human hair version. Even not only they hold the hairstyle well but can be changed the style of hair timely according to the demand of the user. Synthetic hair is more sensitive to the heat and heat can easily damage the wigs. The carrier must protect the wigs from the open oven, a candle flame and a cigarette glow.

Human Hair For The Wigs

Human hair remains the popular choice for the wigs, because of its looks and feels very natural. It can be styled quite easily, unlike the synthetic hair. It could be colored and permed during the period of scarcity of cut human hair for wigs, manufacturers are using combings(those hair which are falling after the hair life cycle end) however actively growing hair been preferred for the wig designing .mainly the hair been imported for wig making from the Italy (it be known one of the prime source for the desirable characteristics to make the wig for both man and women) and other color and texture get purchased or arranged from the Spain, France, Germany, India, China, and Japan.

Women contact to the merchant to sell their overgrowing hair, after cutting the women hair the all are treated and strip the outer cuticle layer, making the hair more manageable. The merchant pay the more money to the virgin hair which never at the time of selling and buying hair from the seller, color and dyed. The wig maker demand the weight of the hair for wigs as 114g.some manufacturer blend the synthetic and human hair for creating the special type of wig that having the quality of the both texture and having the retaining ability to style hair with synthetic hair and natural look producing with the natural hair with natural hair movement. Since it be very difficult and complicated the management of hair being the combination of the synthetic and natural hair because the every type of hair requires its own level of caring and maintenance.

Types Of Hair Wigs

Ready-made wigs are available at the store and the online mail order and can be acquired easily but having the one standards size to fit all the model can very be disturbing why! The stretchy and foundation or adjustable section around the edges of the hair wigs may be difficult to adjust on the scalp because human wig is available in the market either been designed by the machine using synthetics hair via machine-based finished and as well as the product is also available to the customer’s handmade shape.

Manufacturing Process

The following description reflects the full picture of manufacturing the hair wigs, custom-fitted, human hair wig while the hair wig normally take six to eight week to prepared and sell out approximately in the range of thousands to lacs.

 Preparing The Hair

1. The hair wigs maker firstly ensure that the human hair which he going to transform the wig hair lying in the same direction, this can be done with holding the bunch of the hair in hand and make the strong observation to the style (prior)of the human hair and further rubbing end of the hair with finger and thumb, the uncut hair turn back during the hair rubbing. While the cut end which is common to the closer of the hair roots, if the hair bunch are running in both direction, they must be turned by sorting the root down hair one pile to the root up then recombing the hair bunch for the single good bunch.

2.The short hairless than 3inch (7.5cm)long hair are separated and eliminated through hackle wire brush, after hackling the usable hair tightly tied up for the security of them but at the time of washing the hair they all been untightened and shifted to the washing procedures.

3. The hair is carefully inspected for nits (louse eggs) if any of these are found then next to boil the hair in the acetic solution and after it combing all the hair from the steel tooth netting machine.

Hair Wigs For Men

If you are looking for the high-quality men wigs so, absolutely, you are on the right side here you are with the perfect in size and top quality of wigs waiting for you. All the men out there who are suffering from hair loss or balding and not want to go through any surgical or other medical treatment which can be very painful to you some time, so you not to look further range of men hair system available at super affordable price.

Again feel youthful by opting our high-quality hair replacement system that looks like just your hair full head. Made 100% human hair, our hair system perfectly blend your hair and unbelievably real when touching or seeing, and we guarantee the results of being natural as like your hair.


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