Male And Female Hair Transplant In Islamabad & Rawalpindi For Contemporary Time

Male And Female Hair Transplant

Pattern Hair Loss In Male And Female

 Male and female hair transplant is the only solution of Pattern hair loss and this is a kind of special hair loss in women which firstly affects the top of the scalp and the front of the scalp. while in case of man it is slightly different as compared to the women hair loss, male hair loss often presents itself and gradually diminishing the volume of the hair creating hairline on the scalp and the other hand women, the hair becomes a thinning with the passage of time getting thinner and finally leads towards full baldness.

Male pattern hair loss is understood that it occurs due to the hormonal changing in male and the combination of genetics and man hormones also be the reason for that. And in the women, the root cause of the hair loss remains unclear for a long period of time. Managing the problem of hair loss and defining the regime which directly suits the treatment of curing the hair loss issue in the male and female pattern hair loss and randomly hair loss with or without reason.

Sign And Symptoms

Before male and female hair transplant, it is important and utmost necessary to know male and female hair loss sign and symptoms could be noticed physically on the scalp that it stars to fall or losing hair from the top of the scalp and the front hairline on the scalp look with less and thin hair and technically name as above the temple and vertex hair loss beginning.

When the hair loss in the men and women start to happen normally in both cases, hair gets thinning and fast falling during the combing and washing hair and scalp look empty in the patches after some point of hair distance. as the hair loss increase and progress, a rim of hair persisting in the side region of the scalp and the rear region of the hair intact with the scalp skin and not fall and even not get the thinning enough to expose the scalp.

 this particular stage of pattern hair loss in men and women medically known and said as Hippocratic wreath and has been communicated to the sufferer with same title to make them prior aware about that so that they can opt some initial care to protect themselves from the baldness if not able to safe hair loss can contact to the doctor timely which will safe their hair from more worst condition. And it is also possible there will be no need to hair transplant for male and female at all.

Advanced Male And Female Hair Transplant

 Now a day the hair loss treatment for men and women becoming more popular, hair transplant surgery attain the new levels of excellence in the recent few past years. In Pakistan, most of the hospitals and hair clinics embrace the mentioned above modern and advanced techniques and technology for cutting all type of hair loss in the men and women. with this new modern technique of hair restoration now doctors struggling to maintain the professional level at maximum for producing the result sustaining with the good volume of hair on the scalp and the creating the men and women outlook beautiful and vibrant not only regarding the face but also whole personality being considered during and after hair loss treatment.

After implant of hair for women and men, the personality change entirely towards the confidence possesses the personality of human and appearance in head to toe to multiply much time just because of your scalp is now full of hair. male and female hair transplant supporting with the evidence of using minoxidil is the very safe and effective solution for female hair issues.

Platelets Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is commonly known for the injection as plainly be understood like PRP-Injection.prp injection can be prepared by utilizing patient own blood simply taken blood sample for preparing the plasma which after shall be used in, male and female hair transplant, treating the hair loss problem of men and women both. And the drawing blood sample next to be centrifuging with some important and specific medicine to make it concentrated the powerful growth factors and must acquire the level match of anti-inflammatory elements of blood.Prepared PRP-injection following the treatment procedure of men and women hair transplant need to insert very gently and painlessly in the scalp skin with focusing the tissue beneath of scalp not to be harm much and as the requirement of PRP needed should inject for the first and cure episode of the treatment for male and female hair transplant.

Techniques Of Hair Transplant For Women

Hair loss in the women and men is mostly associated with age and it is also common to both of them that they don’t like to be bald and with that feeling also involve in thinking with fear that near and after they will be facing complete baldness. There will be no beauty and smartness attributing to them just because of no hair on the head. They both always look for the techniques and methods which must be followed to gain again hair having full volume.

 No men and women is willing to loss his or her hair and who are suffering from that hair problem never consider themselves as a lucky one observing baldness. For ensuring that one having the issue of hair loss must go through the medical checkup with visiting the hair transplant surgeon, he is the one expert enough who can finally claim that either it is the hair loss problem or for the time being hair loss issue. And if the patient losing hair from the scalp especially women if she is going to be bald with the fast pace she might be seeming like a men, a man with the no hair on his head, and driving her towards the serious psychological and sociological problem more creating too much hurdles to interact for the daily work. The final solution for this problem left to do is hair transplant (male and female hair transplant).


Male and female hair transplant seems to be very simple in discussion but one who is suffering from partial, patches and even full baldness; we cannot imagine the emotional pain of those. They daily encounter with a different aspect of the social barer which stop and slow them to give to the work and society their best in the form of time and maybe in the form of potential skill utilization. And definitely, everyone who is suffering from baldness wants to treat it with the minimum cost and hair transplant cost is varying between 50 to 80k. And will be depending on the region and area of the baldness.


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