Mesotherapy For Hair Rejuvenation in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Mesotherapy For Hair Rejuvenation

Mesotherapy For Hair Rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is basically the non-invasive and non-surgical treatment of hair restoration which has been very famous nowadays. The superficial injection is injected in the epidermal layer of the skin into the appropriate tissue to stimulate the mesoderm layer in the skin which lies in the depth of 1mm of the skin, this helps to the regeneration of the hair very fastly. Therapy technique of hair regeneration has been used for decades to securing the hair from thin to the volume hair size; the therapy technology is based on treatment of the hair understanding the most loss hair problem area considering the nutrients, reducing the blood level in the scalp and the hormonal balancing in the region of the follicle.

For the regeneration of the hair, the therapy solution is to inject into the scalp containing in a special combination of the chemical, minerals, vitamins, amino acid, co-enzymes, and nucleic acids, particularly tailored regarding the patient’s own requirement.

At the gradual level the hormones of the body, especially in the scalp, get normalized and balance, which further helps to grow healthy hair again in a steady mood.

Evaluation method:

All the patients (male patient or female patient) are evaluated first before the mesotherapy undergoing and continue until four months. Gross pictures are taken pursuing adequate methodology and illumination, uniformity setting, lightning and finally the positioning. Measuring tape needs to be utilized to measure the exact required three fixed points on the scalp which leads advance to dermoscopic evaluation for therapy.

The landmark of every frontal area or region is intersecting between the line crossing through ipsilateral tragus and lateral point of eyebrows and the more intersection line through the ears and glabellas being imaginary for the vertex region. With the polarized light usage, with the synchronizing camera, Germany and Japan, performing the activity of trichoscopy and triclosan technique in the therapy in the interest of hair restoration. All pictures and images for evaluation of the therapy are taken from the computer-based software. Again measuring tape is used to look up for the three fixed points on the scalp. Two different and very effective methods are used to subjective evaluation namely each of one is as

1. The 7point analysis scale

2. Patient self-assessment score.

While the data should be analyzed from the frontal region to the two groups such; dermoscopic and triclosan reading in the vertex region for being controlled some patients considerably.

Injection’s ingredients variation:

Considering and depending on the overall goal of the treatment either need to be treated for hair regrowth or going to treat a patient for his or her weight. there is no standard for injection to treat any condition. Apart from this, as for hair loss regain treatment is concerned, the considering injection is contained on a cocktail, and to be known as to the agent which going to trigger the hair growth starts. These tend including the number of vitamins and minerals more over the medicine also used as minoxidil.

The hospital claims that the peculiar treatment of the patients is tailored to meet the wish and requirement of the individual need and that work (medicine) delivering at the same region where need to be work done for getting the result. They also recommend that the skin perforations, holes, produced by the microinjections trigger that is and another process of healing.

During the procedure, they also say that skin is producing collagen and elastin, generally noticed to increase the size of the skin as it was earlier not.

Therapy output

The therapy is absolutely painless and might at least consume your time estimated 30 to 50 mins. No dressing required at all on the injection site.

Mechanism of the process

The mechanism of the mesotherapy is a collection of physical(mechanical) and chemical stimulation. Small doses of different medication with different regimes are administered depending on the severity and affected area which is treated. This work as the medicinal bullet delivered to the targeted area.


The needle generates micro-perforation which is the healing process. The posttraumatic response of the organism leads to words the collagen and elastin, two skin key building blocks of skin, while no removal exists, new level add the simply existing level.


The injected chemical into the scalp for the procedure will stimulate the organism .for example, if the blood circulation is poor and a vasodilator is used if excessive inflammation persistent so the anti-inflammation medicine is to used(organic-silicon) but the quality of the product and standardize compliance of the composition regarding must focus and check before usage of it.

 Mesotherapy treatment effectiveness

Therapy is the most effective treatment for the regeneration of hair and some time the effectiveness of the therapy of therapy becomes the best enough as compare to the oral medication treatment of the hair rejuvenation.

Orally medicine treatment administered as step by step in the body firstly the medicine passes through the gastrointestinal tract and further move advance to the liver for the process to involve in the phase of the metabolism system and next to ending all of this medicinal affect release in the bloodstream and spread in the whole body of the patient. The digestive system of the body significantly reduces the amount of the medication, that trying to reaching towards the affected area.

While mesotherapy is able enough to deliver the medicine to the affected area.

 In the case of hair loss, where it is directly required and could be assimilated.

Micro-needling is the procedure to make small wounds of the needle on the scalp with tiny needles. These wounds of the needle trig the healing process that incorporates the release of collagen.

This is the one part of the mesotherapy procedure while another process involves the actual injection substances like Acetytetrapeptide-3.

Mesotherapy side effect:

Even though the procedure of mesotherapy is absolute painless treatment but somehow, the patient keeps complaining about some kind of pain that can be classified as below:

The side effect of the procedure of hair restoration/regrowth underlining the treatment at time might be complained to inserting the needle of the injection for inserting the chemical in the scalp skin that can cause the different type of skin problem (if not being/been handled properly during process) that may include on pain, swelling inflammation, bruising and possibly infection of undergoing treatment.


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