Stem Cell Hair Treatment In Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Overview Of The Stem Cell Hair Treatment For Men And Women

The stem cell hair treatment is as normal as the other treatment of hair, but not removing the hair more for the less hair scalp. In the procedure of hair transplant, the small skin sample is to take for the procedure of engaging the hair on the head. The taken hair sample replicates in the laboratory and after it back to replant in that region of head where the hair quantity either is low or entirely free from hair.

Procedure And Techniques Of Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Men and women both can go through the under treatment with the technique of stem cell hair solution. it is a very easy procedure with taking a fat cell from your own body particularly from the area of hip and abdomen applying the general anesthesia. This fat cell further processes in a way that it has to segregate into the fat and stem cell respectively and this stem cell ready to inject later to the scalp for stem cell hair treatment.

Generalized Questions About Stem Hair Restoration

The following question about hair treatment usually being asked by people:

What type of treatment is this?

How much time it will take to perform?

 What are the Side effects of the treatment?

 How will be the Result after the treatment?

Medical Term Name:

The word hair baldness means less hair on the scalp (might be completely lost hair or partially) additionally can describe the situation as thinning hair occasionally called. Hair volume size of hair can be varying respectively as pattern baldness but the common reason for balding is androgenic hair loss. Alopecia and rogenetica or alopecia seborrheica this was the technical name used in Europe.

Integration Of Stem Cell On The Scalp

For the treatment of hair of humans and research about the human hair re-growth or rejuvenation on the scalp, huge in a number of quality stem cells needed to execute the respective procedure of stem cell hair treatment for the patient. To research and treat the problem of hair, it had very much valued to get it with procedural system at time of treatment performing and essential to develop the culture. Doing all it so well, will produce a pure population of the tissue-specific stem cell numbers. And all the collected stem cell populations for tissue-specific leads the system of transplanting and treatment with a high possibility to result affected. Two different types of dimensional purposes or approaches are present knowing two and three-dimensional cell cultures.

Cell Culture System:

Cell culture normally performed in various laboratories throughout the world with a history of four to five decades. And cell culture usage in the laboratory is also very important for the given task as well. in two dimensional systems, the cell peculiarly expresses in a way defining as a solid and rigid smooth surface of the basal side and liquid for the apical region. A dramatic adaptation of the two-dimensional stick cell-substrate requirement is vital to survive cells. Because the cell will be lacking the extracellular matrix which is very much important and unique for each of cell in stem cell treatment. If not following the instruction and keep practicing against the norm and guideline cell eventually could alter or change metabolism and effect cell functionality completely before the execution of it.

An Eligible Candidate For Stem Cell Hair Treatment:

Criteria of being eligible for hair treatment as discussing is not any more typical that ones can be thinking about it very seriously and fairly to opt this hair treatment, simply you need  to check some of the basic physical characteristics in you which might be more or less like as:

1. Not having progressive hair loss issues check it timely and set the periodical schedule for some specific timeline to get the sure result of hair loss.

2. Check for your body part that is there any ample donor region or part in your body that can be utilized to get the hair from that particular area to treat hair problems.

3. Look for your age either fall in the scale of age above 25 or below.

4. Your wish and will to treat the hair problem methodologically.

5. You value your appearance and look more than this look which compromises to some extent with hair loss issue.

6. Want to improve the health of yours and change the texture of it as well.

7. Check your scalp skin either tightening or loosing

Stem Cell Hair Treatment Recovery Time

Recovery time of the treatment could be very patient to patient and leads them towards some time little bit irritation and sharp pain in the scalp prominently in the affected region. this is not dam confirm that the same result of after treatment will produce for each one of the patients but poor to moderate statistically be sad the following pain might be expected after stem cell hair treatment. But if one is experiencing the same pain so no need to be worried this pain will subside after some days may be observed for 6 to 8 days maximum. And no time is required for the curing the treatment pain it will heal up and set within the due course of time as been recommended prior in lines.

Though the excessive workout and exercise have to be avoided completely for some time most appropriate to discuss with your doctor that from when to till exercise ought to be stopped and discuss also the alternate of it.

Treatment Side Effect;

Side effects of stem cell hair treatment are not fully documented in the research area of the medical field. But some limited information is available for a contemporary period of hair treatment, as, with the medical procedure in general, there is a potential risk of bleeding and infection. Injection pain and some wounds little in intensity and scaring also possible during the treatment and after the post-treatment too. although the risk of the punch bioscopy ids very rarer but still possible to happen with little low frequency at the time of the procedure. More very small risk of the nerve damage and other scalp’s beneath arteries included is.


What so ever the gender suffering from the hair problem may be man and women one thing in common both of the different genders is to be conscious about their outlook? And if there is a solution provided with stem cell hair treatment to restore their image and confidence again by going through the treatment will definitely pursue this one treatment happily and add again the value of beauty and smartness in their life. Stem cell treatment is one of the popular treatments among all hair treatments in the present time.

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