The Hair Transplant clinic has been using up-to-date security features to satisfy the legal demands of the patient’s protection. The document has been penned to inform users how we secure their personal information. In addition, it educates the customers about the privacy practices of the clinic.

Automatic Data selection:

We ask for personal information and medical issue whenever you book a consultation at our clinic. Generally, the website keeps this data (cookies) whenever the user navigates through it. This data helps the website record the user’s search activity. Some essential aspects will be gone if the cookies are disabled on your browser.

Our website utilizes cookies, allowing you to get logged in without submitting the details each time you visit. We also keep your IP address, gateways, time and area location. We adopt it for our security and guarantee you we won’t damage you personally; information collected by the website can be split into four main categories,

  • Personal data (Email address, contact number, location, etc.)
  • Location information (address, postal code, city, etc.)
  • Usage details (IP address, browser details, etc.)
  • Cookies (website settings)


We collect your IP address and personal information when you browse our website. The collected information is further progressed to improve the given services. We will use the stored details for the following needs;

  • To provide you with the data you need
  • To enhance your exploration experience
  • To keep you acknowledged with offers
  • To deliver your essential information if you have any issue
  • To make improvements in the standard of services
  • To inform you about new offers
  • To solve the technical issues

Registration for updates and offers:

You were asked to provide your personal data at the time of registration. We use this data to inform you about weekly and event offers about the treatments. You can pull out of this service at any time.

Email Newsletters:

When you subscribe to the newsletter, your information, including name, area address and demographic details, will be required. You can also opt-out of the email newsletter at any time. We assure you that we won’t share your details with any third party without your consent.


You may be required to participate in investigations to improve the quality of service.


You can get in touch with us through the feedback forum. Your feedback is important to us. We use it to fulfill your demands and serve you professionally. Your reviews will be publically visible on the website. Client comfort has always been our priority.

With whom we share your information:

Sometimes we have to reveal your personal information to authorities to follow the laws and regulations. But before giving, we ensure it is a trustworthy organization. Also, we have applied advanced technologies and security panels to keep your data safe. Links to several other websites are here to provide you with more details. But unfortunately, we cannot assure the security of your data on those sites.

Legal rights:

Every website must follow legal requirements to provide a service to its clients. In addition, our clinic strives to comply with all the latest data protection regulations.

Alternative services:

You can use our referral program to refer your neighbours, family, and friends to our clinic. We will take care of their needs.

The information shared in surveys and reviews is usually visible to the public. You can keep it anonymous while taking part or talk to us directly.

If you want to change the data you have given, you can ask us for an update.

Teenage policy:

We neither offer our services to persons under the age of 18 nor collect their data. We make modifications to our policies, so manage yourself updated.

Data protection rights:

⦁        You have the right to pull out from your concession anytime.

⦁        You can ask for the information copies which you have provided

⦁        You have the right to request a refresh of your information.

⦁        You can also ask us to remove or update the information anytime

⦁        You have the right to data flexibility as well

⦁        You are entitled to oppose our data processing.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us. Our mailing address and phone number are mentioned on our website.