Keratin Treatment In Islamabad

Investing in your hair is always worthwhile because it represents a crown that you never take off. Hair is an important accessory for men and women alike. People feel better when they have long, healthy hair. Healthy, frizz-free hair is currently popular. People frequently use various procedures to get them right. They apply oil and even take vitamin supplements to keep their hair frizz-free and strong. But their efforts are in vain. Because various environmental variables, including air pollution, cause hair to frizz and weaken. In such cases Keratin Treatments are best. This treatment not only eliminates frizz but also makes hair shiny and smooth.

Do you want your hair protected from frizz, damage, and breakage? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Keratin Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan helps to make hair straighter and stronger. You will be treated by the best hair experts at the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Islamabad.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment in Islamabad is a process to smoothen and straighten hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in your skin, hair, and nails. A keratin treatment adds more keratin to your hair, which can eliminate frizz, boost gloss, and strengthen it. Keratin treatments can help straighten curly or wavy hair.

Quick Facts

Mode Of Treatment: Non-Invasive
Duration: 1-3 Hours
Result Duration: 4 Months
Required Sessions: Single

What Is The Aim Of Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatments help to smooth the hair cuticles, giving hair a shinier appearance. A Keune Keratin Treatment adds more keratin to your hair, which can eliminate frizz, boost gloss, and strengthen it. Keratin Treatments can help straighten curly or wavy hair. Keratin Treatments can be utilized on all hair types. People typically with more prolonged or curly, frizzy hair may be more likely to get it. But even if you have short hair and you’re not happy with your hair’s volume, you can use the Keratin Treatment to make your hair look a little bit fuller and more lustrous.

Keratin Treatment Before And After


What Are The Benefits Of Keratin Treatment?

The benefits of a Keratin Treatment vary depending on your hair type and the items applied.
In general, a Keratin Treatment can provide the following benefits:

  • Silky hair: The sun, hair color, and other chemical treatments can deplete your hair’s natural keratin, resulting in porous patches that are more susceptible to breakage and damage. Keratin treatments aim to “refill” the areas where keratin has been lost. The end effect is a smoother hair shaft, which leads to silky hair.
  • Straighter hair: Depending on the chemicals, a Keratin Treatment can straighten curly or wavy hair.
  • Smoother curls: A Keratin Treatment does not necessarily result in stick-straight hair. Specific treatments will only remove frizz and provide softer, smoother curls.
  • Stronger Hair: Keratin treatments can strengthen and prevent breakage by replenishing lost keratin in the hair shaft. It may help some people grow longer hair since the strands are less likely to break.
  • Thicker-looking hair: A Keratin Treatment can make hair appear fuller and stronger.

An Ideal Candidate For Keratin Treatment

Women and men are increasingly interested in current fashion trends. As a result, people dye their hair with various chemical agents in line with current trends. Furthermore, they use heating instruments to create multiple hairstyles to make oneself look more lovely and perfect. They curl or straighten their hair. And if they tie up their hair, they use some chemical products to keep it stable. In such cases, they are more likely to damage their hair.
The following qualities meet the qualifying criteria for Keratin Treatment:

  • Wants to have straight hair.
  • Desires smoother, shinier hair without curls or waves.
  • Makes their hair appear frizz-free
  • Have dry, damaged hair.
  • Hair is made up of apparent split ends.

How Does Keratin Treatment Work?

Keratin hair treatment is a popular hair care solution to get smooth, straight, shiny, and frizz-free hair. First, wash your hair well to ensure that it is clean. After washing, blow dry and apply the product. A comb is used to distribute the therapy uniformly. The formula must saturate each strand for around forty to sixty minutes. The next step is to rinse the treatment with only water, blow dry the hair, then seal in the treatment with a hot straightening iron for long-term results.


Keune Keratin smoothing treatment is a safe hair treatment process. It merely nourishes the hair without causing damage to the roots. To achieve better results, experts recommend following specific guidelines before beginning treatment.

  • Do not use any harsh chemical products on your hair before the treatment.
  • Wash your hair carefully.
  • Comb them daily to remove tangles.
  • Deep condition your hair for one week in preparation for the treatment.
  • Don’t use conditioners three days prior.
  • Avoid using hair tools two days before treatment.

During The Procedure

Keratin Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan is a protein that helps preserve hair and makes it more manageable. Freezing occurs due to various circumstances, including excessive chemical use and the risk of certain environmental infections. These form sulfide connections in the hair, giving it a harsh and uneven appearance. When experts apply keratin to the hair, it breaks the disulfide bonds and seeps into the hair shaft, making it shinier and more manageable. Experts typically carry out this process in their offices. They take the following measures to give this treatment.

  • The professionals examine your hair.
  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo to eliminate dirt and debris from the scalp and the hair.
  • Use a hair dryer to dry your hair.
  • Divide your hair into four parts and pin them in place.
  • Apply the keratin solution to the split sections one at a time.
  • Allow the therapy to rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Flat iron the hair to keep the keratin in place.
  • Wash your hair using a chemical-free shampoo.
  • Allow your hair to air dry.

Post-Treatment Care

How can I make this stay for as long as possible? Let’s look at some tips for caring for your hair after a Keratin Treatment.

  • Refrain from washing or getting hair wet for at least 72 hours post-treatment.
  • Opt for sulfate-free shampoo to maintain and prolong the effects of the Keratin Treatment.
  • Steer clear of tight hair accessories that could create creases or indentations.
  • Schedule regular touch-up treatments to maintain smoothness and manageability.
  • Minimize the use of heat styling tools to prevent premature fading of the Keratin Treatment.
  • Steer clear of chlorine and saltwater to preserve the longevity of the treatment.
  • Opt for silk or satin pillowcases to reduce friction and maintain smoothness.
  • Incorporate deep conditioning treatments to keep hair nourished and healthy.
  • Use anti-humidity products to shield hair from frizz in humid conditions.
  • Regularly consult with your stylist for personalized care advice and maintenance tips.

Are Keratin Treatments Safe?

Generally, Keratin Treatments are considered safe for most people when performed by a professional in a well-ventilated area. However, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines, such as opting for formaldehyde-free formulations. Individuals with specific health conditions or those who are pregnant should consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing the treatment.

How Long Do the Results Of Keratin Treatment Last?

While Keratin Treatment is not a permanent treatment, it does provide semi-permanent effects that can persist for months. It can last 2-4 months if you properly care for your hair. Reapplying the Keratin Treatment will allow it to last longer than six months.

What Are The Side Effects Of Keratin Treatment?

Keratin in beauty treatments is typically derived from the skin, hair, nails, or animals. While keratin is a natural protein, these products contain various additional chemicals, including formaldehyde. Some side effects may include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Vomiting
  • Rash

How Many Sessions Are Necessary For Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatments can be used in both salons and at home. Home treatments often last 8–12 weeks, whereas salon treatments can last up to 6 months. The duration of the treatment is determined by various factors, including the frequency with which you shampoo your hair and the porosity of your strands.

How Painful Is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatments are generally not painful. The process involves applying a solution to the hair, which is then sealed with a flat iron. Some people might experience slight discomfort from the flat iron’s heat or the product’s scent, but it is not typically described as painful. It’s essential to have the treatment done by a professional in a well-ventilated area to minimize any potential discomfort. If you have concerns about sensitivity or pain, discussing them with your stylist before the treatment is advisable.

Cost Of Keratin Treatment In Islamabad

The price of keune Keratin Treatment in Pakistan ranges between PKR 1599 to PKR 18,000. It varies depending on which clinic and professional you choose. Keratin Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan offers the most cost-effective packages to make your hair healthy and shiny. Our professionals are well-qualified and know how to manage their work professionally.

Keratin Treatment FAQs

While Keratin Treatment is not a permanent therapy, it does provide semi-permanent effects that can persist for months. It can last 2-4 months if you properly care for your hair.

Despite their popularity, keratin hair treatments do not come without hazards. Most contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that can produce formaldehyde. These compounds can have adverse effects, such as allergic reactions, coughing, and vomiting.

Yes, receiving Keratin Treatment in the comfort of your home is safe. However, it may not be as professional as the other Keratin Treatments in the salon.

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