Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad

A beard represents pride and grace regarding maturity, power, and authority. Men with beards appear more handsome and mature, and the beard enhances their looks. Beard gives you a perfectly masculine and socially powerful appearance, confidently completing your look. Guys with a beard appear more optimistic. Most guys prefer attractive, thick beards, yet some have natural ones. However, many men still need to have the desired beard. Growing a beard is more challenging than it appears to be. A lack of a beard makes them feel less confident, unhappy, and melancholy.

Some males have patchy hair on their faces, which detracts from the overall appearance due to the lack of regularity. Stress, heredity, hormonal changes, and other factors can all contribute to hair loss or thinning. Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad And Rawalpindi, Pakistan, gives you the look you want and deserve. We offer the best Beard Hair Transplant procedure at an affordable price under supervision. Furthermore, there are numerous reasons why people select beard hair transplants, but whatever the reason, you can achieve your desired look.

What Is A Beard Hair Transplant?

A Beard Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure used to enhance the appearance of a beard. Hair follicles are removed from a donor site, typically the back of the head, and transplanted into the beard area. The idea is to thicken the beard and fill areas where hair may be missing.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Surgical Procedure

Results: Long-Lasting

Duration: 2-5 Hours

Downtime: 01 Week

Required Sessions: 2-3 Sessions

Cost: PKR 84,999 and PKR 125,000

What Are The Causes Of Beard Hair Loss?

There are a variety of factors for beard hair loss. Some of these include:

  • Genetic abnormalities may cause hair loss in the beard area.
  • A hormonal imbalance may also cause it.
  • Acne or injury might lead to beard hair loss.
  • Autoimmune conditions can play a role in this condition.
  • Stress and nutritional deficits are additional potential causes of beard hair loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Beard Hair Transplant?

The most modern surgical procedure offers the following benefits:

  • It will make you regain self-confidence and esteem.
  • Attain an impressive facial hair appearance.
  • The benefits include thicker, denser hair and a 98% increase in hair growth.
  • Achieve noticeable benefits in just one or two sessions.
  • The recovery time could be much longer.
  • There is no risk of scarring.
  • It improves the overall aesthetic value of the patient’s face.

An Ideal Candidate For Beard Hair Transplant

The surgeon will check your donor and recipient areas and determine whether the treatment suits you. During the initial appointment, he will inquire about your previous and current medical conditions. You must notify the surgeon if you have any skin allergies. The ideal candidate for Beard Hair Transplant is someone:

  • Who don’t have any chronic medical conditions.
  • Seeking a lasting remedy for beard hair loss.
  • Who must be above 20 years old with realistic expectations.
  • With a healthy donor area.
  • Who is preferring a technique that requires less recovery time.

How Does The Beard Hair Transplant Work?

At the Hair Transplant Clinic in Islamabad, the procedure is simple and precise, depending on the technique chosen for treatment. However, depending on the method and targeted area, each session can take 2 to 5 hours. In this procedure, the hair is taken from a part of your body, usually from the scalp, and transplanted to the jawline and chin. Furthermore, the area from which the hair is collected is called the donor site, while the area where the hair is to be transplanted is called the donor site.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplant from a beard involves transplanting individual hairs from the donor location using micro-punches to a larger recipient site area. This treatment, which takes between 2 and 5 hours to perform, is becoming increasingly popular.

FUT (Follicle Transplant Unit)

In FUT, the patient is initially given local anesthesia if they are in pain, after which the surgeon uses a microscopic technique to cut a small amount of tissue from the donor’s site. Furthermore, pluck hair follicles from that strip of tissue and place them in the balding areas. FUT is speedier than FUE.

Both procedures require 2,000 to 5,000 hair follicles or more from the back of your head; thus, having healthy hair follicles is essential.


To get the desired outcomes and avoid complications, you must follow all of the pre-procedural recommendations provided by the surgeon during the initial consultation. Some of the crucial directions to follow before Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan, are as follows:

  • Avoid taking blood thinners or aspirin because they will increase the possibility of bleeding during the surgery.
  • It would help if you stopped smoking and drinking before two weeks of treatment.
  • Avoid intense workouts a few days before the therapy.
  • Limit caffeine consumption.
  • Do not take any form of medication within 24 hours of the surgery.

During The Procedure

FUE is the procedure used for Beard Hair transplants. The surgeon administers an anesthetic to numb the donor area. The donor area is often the back of the head. Individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area using a hollow needle in the FUE process. Following extraction, the hair grafts are prepared. Then, hair transplants are correctly put in the intended location to avoid adverse effects. The entire treatment can take several hours, depending on the size of the target region.

Post-Treatment Care

You will experience pain and discomfort after receiving the treatment. All of them are transitory side effects that will go away in a few days. It would help if you avoided strenuous exercise 24 hours after surgery. You will recover in 2 or 3 weeks but must strictly adhere to the surgeon’s recommendations to ensure a quick recovery with no side effects.

Here are some vital instructions for you:

  • Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and bleeding.
  • Avoid touching your face throughout the recuperation time.
  • Do not shave your beard for at least ten days following the treatment.
  • Do not go into direct sunlight.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking following the treatment.
  • Take your pills on time.

What Are The Risks Of Beard Hair Transplant?

Every surgical procedure, including facial hair or beard transplants, carries risks. A qualified and artistic hair transplant doctor, on the other hand, produces exceptional results while considerably lowering the danger of infection and problems. For most individuals, the benefits of beard transfer significantly outweigh the modest surgical risks, mainly when conducted by a skilled, qualified surgeon.

The risks of beard restoration in Islamabad are the same as any other hair transplant treatment. Complications are rare, and discomfort typically lasts only a few days following surgery. Most men can return to work soon after undergoing beard transplant surgery.

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Scarring

Cost Of Beard Hair Transplant In Islamabad

The Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad costs between PKR 84,999 and PKR 125,000. It is a sensitive surgery that cannot be performed cheaply. Furthermore, various factors can influence the Beard Hair Transplant cost of treatment including the type of technique used, numbers of grafts, the clinic location, surgeon’s fees and additional sessions required.

Beard Hair Transplant FAQs

It provides a permanent treatment for persons unable to grow the required amount of facial hair owing to genetics, lifestyle, or facial scarring. In recent years, beard transplants have progressed tremendously. Transplanted hair looks and feels natural, resulting in a fuller, denser beard to be proud of.

Whether it's okay to get a beard transplant is up to personal beliefs and values and not explicitly tied to any religion. It's a choice based on individual preferences and reasons.

Like a hair transplant, a beard transplant is the most permanent form of restoration. The hair follicles are harvested from a location on the scalp where the hair is unlikely to weaken or fall out. It means the hair transplanted into the facial area generally grows for several years.

Beard transplantation is generally a safe operation. With innovative cosmetic procedures, hair follicle transplantation is painless and quick to recover. However, like with any surgery, there is some risk involved. It involves infection, scarring, and other medical issues.

Best Beard Hair Transplant At Hair Transplant Clinic

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